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WE HAVE GIFT BASKETS + BUCKETS!  Fill one of our baskets or buckets with books or other gifts for someone special. You can do it yourself, or we have curated suggestions and we can create any custom list of books for you. All baskets are wrapped in clear cello and tied with our Merritt Bookstore ribbon, if you like.


Baskets Made in Morrocco and Buckets in Japan. 
Babysitting Basket!See more
Is someone in your life ready to start babysitting? A great first step is taking a babysitting class at the library, and then this is the perfect present for a new or experienced babysitter!  These are our picks, and, as always, you can customize the contents of your basket!
Parents to Be Basket!See more
This basket is filled with a few parenting and baby essentials, and the basket can be used in the nursery, to hold diapers, in the living room for toys and baby accessories, for magazines, or anything else that fits.  Our picks are below, and, as with any basket, you can customize the contents. 
Nursing #2, #3, #4 or More Basket!See more
Having a special basket with a few books, toys, and maybe a doll is a great idea when you have child and will be nursing another. Balancing bonding and feeding a baby, with an awake toddler, can be challenging! A nursing basket (or whatever you may decide to call it in your family) is something you can take out when it's time, and then put away so it retains it's special feel. You can always rotate out books from your own collection, etc. as you see fit. Our picks are below, and, as with any basket, you can customize the contents.