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Merritt X SBD Bandana, Navy
Samantha Dion Baker
in store $12.00
Merritt X SBD Bandana, Red
Samantha Dion Baker
in store $12.00
Merritt X SBD Bandana, Blush
Samantha Dion Baker
in store $12.00
Samantha Dion Baker X Merritt Bookstore
TOTE w. inside Pocket offer
Millbrook Independent
Our local Millbrook Independent has a featured book section!
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Is there a bookseller at our shop you would like to nominate for a James Patterson Holiday Bonus? CLICK HERE! James Patterson gives holiday presents to booksellers based on your recommendations!

Please note on Sundays and Monday Holidays our hours are 10 - 4!
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BETTE'S BOOKS!   * Ex Libris Bette Midler *
We are proud to partner with Bette Midler to raise money for different 501c3s in and around Millbrook.  This collection of books from Bette Midler's personal library are for sale, and a large portion of the proceeds will be donated to different organizations throughout the year.  The first will  be the Dover Food Pantry-- we will buy the food they need now and donate it.

All books have been part of her personal library and have her library bookplate in the front.

*note, if a book is not available to add to your cart, it means it has been sold.*
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Shipping to the store is fairly reliable these days...
of course,in stock items are already here!

Shipping and many publishers are working under fairly normal conditions as of 1/20/21.
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We take everyone's health seriously!  We all wear masks, just like you!  
When you come in we have clear, UNSCENTED, GreenGoo brand
hand sanitizer in an automatic dispenser on the wall, or cotton gloves if you prefer.
We have the QuietPure HEPA air purifier running constantly.
As seasonal shopping increases, we are mindful of the
number and location of people in the store.

As we get ready for the holidays we know some of you may need to schedule appointments--
if you need a private shopping time, please CLICK HERE and we will accomodate you. 
You can also call the store to schedule 845 677 5857.  Thank you!


Our new themed collections so you can think in broader strokes about some of the books you are bringing home, and so you can plan ahead for home learning and free time for the future.  

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*pick ups can be arranged for after hours / deliveries possible.

Thank you for staying loyal and shopping local--
we are here for you and want to be here through and after this global crisis.


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Watch the event... Author Sparrow talks about his new books with Sun Magazine Editor, Sy Safransky!See more
Watch the event here, PART I and here, PART II

Originally conceived as a list of “eternal truths” for his young adult daughter, Sparrow’s new book is a quirky collection of humor, spiritual wisdom, memoir, observations of absurdity, and reasons to be happy—all of which turn out to resonate deeply in this time of upheaval. To read more about Sy Safransky click here!
Including a wide and wild array of subjects—such as the art of aroma; self-psychoanalysis; dancing as medicine; how to decorate with books, get equipped for winter or summer, compost poetically, conduct a wedding or host a party like no other; and age vigorously (including an interview with Sparrow’s 100-year-old father)—Sparrow has written an invaluable guidebook for remaining relatively sane, happy, and even innocent in the face of a global pandemic and political upheaval.

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Audiobook memberships are now available at Merritt Bookstore!

Powered by our audiobook partner, your first month is $0.99 and then $14.99 per month. The monthly fee equates to one audiobook credit which you can use at anytime, for any of the 70,000+ audiobooks available on our site. You can easily listen on any device (phone, tablet, PC) as all audiobooks are DRM-free.

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Here is a partial reading list to help understand the history leading to the systemic racism in the USA, and the experiences of people in our society today.
Persephone BooksSee more

"What are all those books with grey covers?"

I discovered Persephone Books, from London, in 1999. Their mission, to re-publish books, mostly by women, that were “unjustly out of print” resulted in a trove of wonderful novels and non-fiction works, each enjoyable in its own special way.

Persephone titles here many are favorites, and some are the latest releases. When you look inside the front cover you will see printed a textile that is from the time period of the original printing, and a bookmark slipped inside. Descriptions of all of the books are in the comments when you click on each book-- and in the catalogues you can find in store.


They have travelled a long way to be here; I hope you enjoy them as much as I have!

New York Review Books / ADULTSee more

NYRB Classics is a list of fiction and non-fiction works for all ages and from around the world. While some books are original, like Persephone, many of these books have been out of print and rescued by the NYRB editor. It has been called "a marvelous literary imprint ... that has put hundreds of wonderful books back on our shelves." We have our most favorite in stock and will place orders for the ones we don't happen to have.

What are all those books with red spines?See more
Some of my most favorite books for children, and books to read aloud, have been republished by the NYRB imprint. These books, mostly with red spines, can be found in our classics section at the bookshop.

The Merritt Bookstore is located at 57 Front Street, next to the Post Office.


We have BOOKS! And toys, cards, small gifts, stationery, wrapping paper and more! 
Special orders placed over the weekend arrive Tuesday afternoon, in-print book orders usually take one or two days to arrive in the store.